What We Do

Since the beginning, SERVICE to our clients has been our primary objective, knowing that if we achieve our goals in this area we will surely achieve financial success. Over the years we have endeavored to keep our clients as involved as THEY want to be with their plan administration. As a result, we provide a degree of service that is commensurate with our clients’ needs. This can range from occasional consulting to the day-to-day communication with plan participants.

In recent years, much of our corporate assets have been directed to this installation and administration of 401(k) and similar salary deferral plans. We currently administer over 250 plans with our experienced staff and state-of-the art computer system. Our Professional Investment Consultants are available for one-on-one participant meetings to explain whatever investment alternatives our clients choose to use in funding their plans. The director of our qualified plans operation has over 30 years experience in designing and administering all types of pension and profit sharing plans. Because of this combination effort, we consistently achieve over 85% participation in the salary deferral plan we enroll.

• Technical Consulting
• Plan Design
• Annual Investment and Plan Design Reviews
• Full, In-house TPA Services
• Group Meetings
• One-on-One Enrollment Process
• Gold Track Investment and Product Information
• Continual Participant Education
• Signature Ready 5500 Preparation

Third Party Administrator (TPA)
Administrative and investment flexibility are important advantages.

When it comes to full service administration services on a qualified plan, there is a strong industry trend towards the “unbundling” of services. This means having separate, professional providers such as Duncan Financial Group, LLC. for investment and administrative services.

Having administration services provided by independent providers has major advantages:

• There are no hidden charges with an independent TPA. This is not always true when administration charges are “packaged” with other investment charges, and the service cost is often built into the product.
• Specialists supply plan level record keeping and administrative services.
• Continuity of service is maintained as investments are added or changed.

Whether you come to us for a start-up plan or the takeover of an existing plan, our Qualified Plan professionals are there to recommend a plan type, provide design illustrations and discuss investment product information as well as administrative capabilities. We can offer a variety of plan types:

• 401(k) Plans
• Pension/Profit Sharing
• Simple IRAs
• Defined Benefit Plans
• 403(b) Plans